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Carlson Craft

We are proud to be recipient of the Carlson Craft Distinguished Dealer Award since 2005, and are pleased to offer Carlson Craft's new line for same-sex couples.

How It Works

Our Carlson Craft products are featured in a separate storefront, which will allow you to review proofs and shop the most updated Carlson Craft products available online. As such, your Carlson Craft purchase will be tallied separately from any purchase made directly through the Boutique. We are available, however, to help you with any product purchase and can meet in person in the Washington DC Metro area. Please contact us for more information.

*A Note About Heterosexual Bias

Carlson Craft, a reputable and well-seasoned stationer from the traditional heterosexual wedding market, has offered us superior and fair-minded service for many years. Additionally, they have piloted a special gay wedding product line with our help.Their online selection and proofing process, however, does include some language and images with a bias toward heterosexual couples. Please be patient with us as we continue to encourage them to add more inclusive language in their generic storefronts. For those comfortable with overlooking that bias, please take advantage of the extensive stationery lines & wedding accessories these sites offer our customers by clicking on a link above. Or, contact us for our personalized, open-minded customer service.